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Welcome To Miss Preteen New York Achievement, 2000 Home Page!

Hi, I am Mackenzie Michelle Powell the 2000 New York Preteen Achievement, winner. I am 12 years old and a 7th grade honor student. I entered MISS AMERICAN ACHIEVEMENT PAGEANT to get acknowledged for my academic, honor and awards, volunteerism, the arts and community service achievements.

I enjoy reading and plan on sharing this talent by reading to younger children at the Early Childhood Center, in Long Island City/NY.
In the future I would like to tutor younger students, in reading and writing. My ambition is to become an attorney.

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Miss American Achievement Scholarship Recognition & Awards Program

Miss American Achievement is the first competition of it's kind to select state & national titleholders based 100% on achievment. Applicants are not judged on appearance, but rather on relevant criteria including:

  • 250 word essay ~~ "My definition of Achievement"
  • Education / Academic Achievement

    Choice of 4 of the following 7 areas

  • Extra-Curricular / Social Activities
  • Leadership / Entrepreneurship
  • Community Service / Volunteerism
  • Skills / Talents / Abilities / The Arts
  • Career Achievements
  • Personal Challenges / Obstacles Overcome

Unlike a traditional "beauty pageant", Miss American Achievement program won't cost you a fortune! As a mail-in competition, there is no performance anxiety, no expensive wardrobe or travel to worry about.

For more information on Miss American Achivement and Miss Universal Achievement scholarship programs, click on the links below!
Miss American Achievement
Miss Universal Achievement

Miss Preteen Queens County, 2000.
Applicants have the opportunity to choose a City, Local or Regional title.
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